ska is searching...

for ec/oc et team.

You can find mine "godlikeness" on #40:1 irc channel.

(Reading this post waste 4 seconds of your life, hope you enjoyed it).
gl ska !! WODJONKA <3
(Reading this post waste 4 seconds of your life, hope you enjoyed it).

i read it like 10 seconds, you know,
im a slowreader :<
Looks like team is dead.
sounds hard to believe but it's possible : D that he did
lol 4evo :XD


crod's teams always fail
wasn't my team... I just happened to play there
goodluck ska
gl ska !! : D
GL [ec]skyr ;D
GL nice guy
good luck skaa hope u will find a team :)
gl nice gay ;)
took longer than expected 8D, gl!
<3 :) gl man, he's better than any of the EC players that are participating atm in the cup.
nice exclans
That's only because he has only 1 clan that's worth of mentioning and that's uAznia, others are just randoms.
EC? Seriously that's not even funny...
stfu malchick
Your name, your face and your "3on3 high got server" at channel is really funny, so can you shut the fuck up?

If not............ -> Kill yourself :) and if reborning is possible try to reborn into a fag so that my theory of you being a fag is correct :) btw you'd be doing a good favour for a lot of people who're registered to crossfire and not just me, gl .
Do you like to reply to yourself?
ussually yes
Expected reaction of "friend". Crod and who are you? :D You think you're high? Well, you're wrong then. Honestly, you are nothing :) Now you stfu and fuck off, ignored.
but he's right, you're wasting our time here ; d
gl sKa :)
skyrrrrrrrrr <3
ska can easily play ec he should join dignitas instead of squall :i
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