ipkiss finally BUSTED!


in need of cc5 team

Slovenia ipkiss
Slovenia tekkeN

both 4 years of playing
tekkeN playing as medic, i am mostly engi smg/rifle
ex clans in our profiles
can pay on our own
also avi for new project but something stable (don't want to fold few weeks before)

Contact over private msg here or via IRC at #losbastardos
gl Stanley!
good luck fellaz
gl noobs
Seriously. These kinds of topics are so unfunny. I really was expecting a kind of bust :l
Yep , it becomes boring .
gl sAw great player
why would you be busted? every who played with you in identical said you were totally shit :D you have never been good and neither will you ever be

+ what MTM said
oh Identical :DD pure fin ownerers!
now who the fuck are you?

can show you real identical's hall of ego
I am Terminator and i am here to protect you! Show me that ego, i bet its gonna hurt. Btw who said that he was shit, want to hear names of that infamous ownerers!
Sample! ;)
who is Sample?
Didn't he play in identical? Well, busted stupid finn :P
dunno, never heard of him + dunno anyone from Identical except kRONEMO
why do you think you are good blindi?
I dont think, why would I? You think Im good?

what I know: @ sAw times he sucked
what Ive heard: he sux nowadays
what makes me flame him: fucking stupid, retarded "Mr.X busted, FOR REAL!!1"-topics including someone who think he's better than he rly is
1st: dont know you that good
2nd: sAw is actually a good player
1st: your loss (rly, Im a nice guy :^D)
2nd: prolly cant modify your opinion so Ill just end this conversation
3rd: have a nice evening
1st: aye nice logic u have really, if he played totally without motivation and only few days in one clan where he performed pretty bad as he said it by itself that means that he is not good nor he can't be! And actually he played very good under the handle sAw, you might ask few guys who played with him or against him in gunz or at last competitive NC for Slovenia.

2nd: Try to play ET on 2800 AMD, 512mb 400mhz, 9200SE. We'll see how good will you do it versus someone who is playing this game on a good level for some year or two.

Btw don't get me wrong, i am not trying to break your theory but don't judge a player only with few decisions by people who doesn't like him at all (what would you say about someone who said smtn negative about ya). I am not trying to say that he is some ultra super ET pwnere and i won't never say that
why do you think you are good hayaa?
like i care what these idiots said :DD
ofc you dont care what people who you want to play but who do not want to play with you say :)
LOLOL noobs!
retards with "haha me is busted" not omfg
hihihi i love this kind of topics hihihi

at first i was like who,but then i lol'd hihihi
would be kinda funny if a low+ player got busted :p you made me laugh! nice joke guys
lo semigod
gl ipkiss! Awsome player :o
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