Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

Hay guys!
i wish someone of you have played this amazing game through Hamachi and help me to solve this problem,that:
-why i can see my friend on Lan Lobby but my friend can't see me?
-why i can see his "server" but i can't join,i get this error when i try to connect "Connection Failed,Connection Timed Out"?

we accomplished to play C&C Generals with hamachi and i must say that all of you who is looking for Lan/Co-op game,try this. :)

for all the haters and idiot comments:
(here was a middle finger pic but admin deleted it)
i've played Red Alert 2 on LAN with Eddo and Sven.. had a good laugh especially when sven didn't see my Chrono Legionnaire :D He was getting pissed off because buildings were disappearing into nowhere
rofl i did the same to my friend :D

gg for me you cannot rotate the camera in this game ^_^
no idea why it wouldnt work
It sounds like a firewall issue to me! check windows fire wall and any others you have
thx guys,ii will try removing firewall. :) this game looks so nice that i can't hold myself. :}
If you want I will setup a hama server and you can both connect to me?
we had something similar with other games (via hamachi)... all the problems were based on firewall idd
firewall / router
haha same shit today.
tried to set this up for me and my bros and couldnt do anything, even with all firewalls disabled we couldnt see each other or the server in the lobby.

we are using cracked versions but that shouldnt make a difference :P
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