Smokey for oc

Well since #uQuk only got a invite for 3v3 oc premier and no invite for 6v6 OC i am looking for a clan that plays oc.

* Premier or sec league
* Nice guys
* speak English or dutch
* no new clans

* I am avi on monday wen thurs satur sunday
* Avi 2 play engi/medic/field
* Speaking dutch/belgium/english
* OC premier expierence
* good comms

Leave me a message on cF or at #uQuk
gl smokey :)
gl Smokey, lekker kutje!
gl smokey!

(a bird told me you have seen some real tits lately and it wasn't your mums!)
very nice guy and person skilled too pick him quick!
gl dude !
pls no wnb smokes, smOke is only one! :P
more randoms.
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