steelseries ikari laser

hey crossfire,

yesterday, i bought steelseries' ikari laser mouse. here's my experience so far in a few words: great plug'n'play and freemove technology, very comfortable (maybe even better than logitech's g5, i'm still not sure about that), good positioned buttons.

but what i noticed is the following:
sometimes, i accidentally press the scroll wheel, that is i kill myself. also, clicking the left or right button or scrolling is way too loud and sounds cheap. can anyone of you (who owns an ikari) confirm that or is it just my mouse and i better return it and get myself a new one?

thanks in advance,
g5 sux anyway so its not hard 2b better
Ive ordered one!(optical) let u know wen it arrives
Ask Gabt

edit, or not.. didn't notice him with his british flag on.

razer cooperhead!
buttons are rly too sensitive on all ikari mice (laser&optical), as for me when i tried it i had to unbind mouse3, coz i also killed myself almost every time i put my mouse on the opposite side of the mousepad, also happens to mouse1 & mouse2 btw :{
thought that isnt rly bad, great responce = fucking ownage with railgun >D
p.s. freemove pwns, too bad there is none at the optical version :E
Anyone knows if the new Razer Keyboard is any good?
If you mean Razer Arctosa (which just looks like a cheaper version of Lycosa tbh), I guess yes.

I've been using Lycosa for a couple of months now and I've got to say, I love it.
Lycosa is the one with Laptop soft keys, + the touchscreen display for music right?

Razer has also released a "shiny" version (lol) of Lycosa, Lycosa Mirror, a contest for 5 of those going on atm :o

(^supposed to be a reply to the above post, lol)
A friend of mine got it. Can't really say I like the mouse, it doesn't feel comfortable in my hand, quality ain't a plus point for it eigher. Overall its really overpriced. You should take it back and get a mx518 or a deathadder instead. :p

Anyway have fun with it. :)
well, for me it's comfortable. :) what about your friend? can he confirm the issues mentioned above?
He's always complaining about the mouse feeling in general and about its drivers. (Don't mind him he's noob :p) But I can confirm that the buttons are really "a bit" too sensitive. :O)
well, as i mentioned it's just the scroll wheel being accidentally activated every now and then. it's not like all the buttons are crap.
i like the freemove thing as razer is just forcing your mouse to be inaccurate, didn't try it yet though, and dont know if i actually am going to
Little offtopic but blah. Anyway, how does that laser mouse perform on different surfaces?
I remember i had a big problem with different surfaces. Wouldnt slide properly on black cloth surfases nor on very slippery plastic/metal ones. Hows yours?
So far, I haven't had any problems. Though, I haven't tested many surfaces.
I have the ikari mouse, is really good ... The thing is that it didn't come with a software like mx518 do, so I dont know how to change dpi and stuff ....
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