Me Czech Republic Green_Clon and Belgium diZz are searching a decent clan. Take both of us or nobody :o

About us
- speaking English
- med/+ skilled
- not whiners, decent comms
- good gamesense
- very active
- play : dizz - medic/eng, Green_Clon - rifle
- clean
- contact @ mIRC, channel mulinex.et pm Green_Clon` / diZz` or just pm GreenClon on crossfire

About you
- english
- med/+ skilled (or higher)
- have tactics
- good battleleader
- clean

These, who are really interested to play with us (med/+ players) lets pm me.
Who is interested to whine and dont believe in us, lets go on irc on channel #CareAndWhine.et thanks!
med/+ LOL
do you think we are better?
better lol xDDDD

u made my day, now i can go to bed xD thx
nP :D I am glad i made someone happy ;)
anyway.. have you ever seen me playing? I really doubt. So, please, dont have stupid comments when you dont know what u r talking about ;)
gl Green_Clon good player
no no no no not med+ or better.. not even close

med- or you just bought a bot.
Just that you write med/+ is an alarm clock. Either you are med+ or you aren't.
and what your alarm clock says?
No offence, green_clon but I played against u quite a few times and U really don't reach med/+ ( med at its best )
and who the hell you are?! :D
Good Luck Have Fun
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