New home for me ! :<

So after i quitted my css-team again :D i feel so alone and thats why i am searching an et-team.

skill : low+ (maybe more dunno)
Germany, also some knowledge of England if requiered
19 years old and sometimes a funny guy :P
class: rifle prefered or medic
(keep in mind, that i didnt played "active" for a long time)

skill: low+ or higher ;)
nice boy or girls ;)
a 6on6 squad

contact me at cf or at icq (206670174)

pls be nice :<

image: hay-be-nice-emokitteh-is-sensitive
poor kitten :(
gl and wb <3
aww kitty :'( :(:(
nice piiiiiic :'()
hope you find a good team, gl
wrong forum bibuy
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