vision ghost/d0lar aka author <--- current yawn <-- ip

83.27.159.*** Poland (Wroclaw)
83.27.162.*** Poland (Wroclaw)
83.8.59.*** Poland (Wroclaw)= <-- this ip have only author and ghost/d0lar
83.8.60.*** Poland (Wroclaw)=
83.27.146.*** Poland (Wroclaw)=
83.27.160.*** Poland (Wroclaw)=
83.8.58.*** Poland (Swarzedz)= Poland (Warsaw)= ip have only author and ghost/d0lar

image: ghostee4

random old pbbans [bimbot customer]: <--more info

Busted 10000 times!!
good bust, but you need a new motto XD
god i dont think anyone care about all those busts
they just skip to the next post
"Cheater always is cheater"
strange always these polish, it keeps on going!
image: 8823_image
"Cheater always is cheater"
nii hasta! (moi)
second post today ... READ FORUM !!
Cheater always is cheater
yes i know. Look my post :[ (url) <--more info :]
play2win with a nice rep. already!
Jij heb echt een gebrek he? :D
Denk je ik care om jou en je mening? Achterlijk varken
Ik achterlijk? Waar zie jij iets dat met play2win te maken heeft?
haha kankertard :DDDDDD
"Cheater always is cheater"
yeeeeeeeeee finally a bust with nice arrows n stuff again
"Clean guids"
"Cheater always is cheater"
lol I've posted it today ...
... and he even confesed to me !
Polish motto x'd
buahahah ... Rosfor suck my dick !!!
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