Question about cod4

mm... well. i feel like testing cod4

should i buy it or download it? i was thinking about buying it cause of multiplayer.

can someone give me info about mods and stuff?
what is a good server etc?

I played hardcore and it's kinda nice.

what mod(or whatever it is) is used in wars?

give me some info about it so i can get into the game fast.

about a year too late, mate.
about a year too late, mate.
yeayea i know who cares just gimme some info cause cod5 gameplay will still be the same as 4 i think.
Quotei feel like testing cod4

in this case download,if it feels good buy it. (alltho i don't recommend it, 60€ is way to much comparing to what kind of clanmatches are)
60euros worth to have the damn game, its one of the bests sP games, and a very decent MP
KK. well i think im going to buy it anyway. 50e here in finland is not so much for me. (i mean my dad xP)

but any good servers?
tek9 / dignitas ofc
are u playing there? :D
haven't played in months etc but yeah,that's the place where everything happens. and tek9 website works as for ET players if you know what i mean homie ;)
yea i know :) danke!
just buy cod5...and download the SP
Hardcore is for n00bs :)

In most Search and Destroy (S&D) matches, promod is used. You can download it from match servers.
okay thank you. :)
i'll try. thx :)
w00t? thanks :O but no, i dont have cod5beta :I isn't it gonig to be released in few days?
download+buy cdkey online for ~10€
cod4 owns but cod5 will supersede it
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