Child missing over xbox and COD4

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$50,000 Reward For Missing Xbox Addict

Microsoft has contributed $25,000 to a reward fund for information on the whereabouts of a missing video gamer.

Brandon Crisp, 15, has been missing from his Barrie, Ontario, home for about two weeks. He bolted after a dispute with his parents over the amount of time he spent playing online games. Barrie is a small Canadian city located about 60 miles north of Toronto.

Crisp was "addicted" to playing online video games, including Call Of Duty 4, over Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming service, according to local media reports. With the addition of Microsoft's funds, the total reward for information on Crisp now stands at $50,000.

Beyond the funds, Microsoft is aiding the search by turning over to police Crisp's Xbox Live account information. "Microsoft is fully cooperating with police now and speeding up the process to make (identifying online friends) happen ASAP," said Brandon's father, Steve Crisp, in an interview Saturday with the Toronto Star.

One theory making the rounds is that Crisp ran off to join a "clan" of fellow gamers. In releasing the information, Microsoft overturned its standard privacy rules. The move came following the launch of an online petition, called "Project Red Tape," that asked the software maker to hand over the youth's account data. "Timing is crucial in this investigation, please do the right thing Microsoft," the petition pleaded.

The petition appears on a Web site,, that was established to help the search effort. It notes that Crisp is 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 100 pounds, and has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He was last seen Oct. 13 wearing a yellow-and-green jacket and a burgundy American Eagle hoodie.

Update@1:15pm, Oct. 28: A Microsoft spokesman said the company did not overturn its privacy practices in providing account data to law enforcement but, rather, "expedited" them. The spokesman also said Microsoft cooperated with law enforcement "immediately after being asked" to do so and not in response to the petition.

News: October 27, 2008 10:54 AMAnyone who has seen Brandon is asked to contact the Barrie Police Department at 705-725-7025 Barrie P.D. has more about the investigation on its website.


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more 13 year old comments plz
as if we europeans can find him if hes american.

the only thing we can do is wait and pray, sad story but rly ... nothing we can do.

Just figured it wouldn't hurt to post one more place, plenty of Canadians around here
btw add this:

its nice to see his (dad?) tell us more
btw if i was the child i would to to

1) clan friends house (who live on their own since the parents would notice ofc)
2) someone that has more than 1 pc
3) internet cafe? lol
no clue man, like I said just figured the more it was spread the better.

btw that kid looks like he is on meth or some drug tbh lol, his eyes are weird
can't the parents tell Microsoft/xbox to go to his PC and check irc/xfire/msn logs, last ppl he talked to or last things he said. might help alot.
are you that stupd?
im sure they havent thought about that idea. im sure you just saved the kids life now!
One theory making the rounds is that Crisp ran off to join a "clan" of fellow gamers.

More serious business. This guy is just a fag if he ran away.
drago will find him, np.
KMZ? the missing young boy STILL MISSING :(
image: kmzvr6
I think I just saw him at the trainstation.
Country: NL

then he flew to Asia to buy some food and go to the cod4 boot camp there.
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that child is a stubborn fucker. standing up for what he truly believes in!

I am guessing he would get seriously bullied at school on a daily basis if he looks like what image I have in my head right now, without looking at any pics of him ofc.
what ever happened to drago?
Ok, I've got an idea. I collect a bit cash, run away from home, buy supplies of beers, snacks, cigarettes, bring an ipod or sum and a tent, and just camp somewhere for some time. Meanwhile my masterplan partner who I will chose from this website, will report me missing after i said I was going to run of to another country for better ping. Then microsoft or tosspot or someone offers whoever finds me 50k and you, my masterplan partner, turn me in and we split it :LOS!
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Couldn't help but notice that in your profile. May I ask what the "newschool" aiming style is, if you are asserting that oldschool aiming is with a mouse? Sorry, I don't recall ever seeing somebody trying to aim with a keyboard.
newschool = netcoders :)
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Stupid kid, couldn't care less what happens to him
its A shame .. He never even Got to Play Cod5 :(
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