cod5_fps' vs my PC

Could u tell me more or less how much +/- FPS will i get from this shit ->
amd dual 2.4 4600+ , gf 7600 , 2gbram
i am just curious if there is any point to buy it
cod5 sux
download and try?
OVER 9000!!!!
read the bible.there is evrything writed !
25fps max
fp should not be that bad
Bought COD5 today, its a really nice game, and i can play it with my Shitty Alienware PC, (alienware graphics!)
who the hell really buys computer from alienware :D
his mom ofc!
If you cheat that hard like you did in ET, I suggest you to stay at ET
if i havent already had cheats to Cod5 would i ask this question ? XDDDDDDDDD
You actually understand yourself
hey mate you'll be able to play with 70/90 fps with that pc ofc @ low graf
cod5 owns =] fps is overrated
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