Hello guys, well i installed the vista yesterday, and i can't play et, i already updated the pb, i already made all the thing's, but this still making a error when i join some serve. It's like FAILURE: PnkBstrA
and i get kicked.
maybe..... open taskmanager and close PnkBstrB and PnkBstrA

and try it again
u do run et as admin?
actualiza o pb com o pbsetup.exe
corre o et como administrador
e permite os processos na firewall
e so podes fazer vid_restarts fora dos servers
get me and my friends some nice summerholiday highquality/lowprice and i ll help you
ask overload
remove vista, it sucks :b
believe tiMEN
couldn't play after updating PB on win xp so I played some

fpslags :o i think 98 is enough
E: i have 40 at public
Well in tunnels I always have 100 fps everywhere else, depending on the situation, I get drops as far down as 60 which really fucks up the reg and with 100hz also makes the screen tear a little :( 10 more days and I'll have my new PC and the the true owning shall commence! :D
delete et
youre the failure :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Just reinstal PB and update it. If it wont help reinstal ET or instal some 64x drivers.

believe spirea
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