cc5 lan player available

Hi, im in need of a cc5 team!

Im med/med+ skilled ETplayer from Finland.
I can play any class (prefer fops).
I have paid my flights.

msg me here or irc (nick ruoska`)

shoutout to Estonia infi and United Kingdom starzi !

cu at cc5!
skilled guy, gl mate ;D
gl brother from another mother
vittu! oisit tullu illemmal lennol :/.. lähethän sit maanantaina?
joo maanantaina lähen täl lennol:
AY846 19:05- 22:20
ostitko noi liput iha yksin vai ooks liikkees jonku toisen kans? voisin kyl tulla samoil lennoil :o
lennän Estonia infin kans :-D
Nice friends you got
nice guy :) gl
gl mate, someone take him!
Take him before someone else does. :) This ruoska here is a real momomomonster!
awsome player, take him
played vs him yesterday, kinda nice aim he got, gl
ruoska is very nice player with decent mate
gl ruoska!
gl kassu
gl ruoska if you said it 2 weeks ago you could have go with us;<
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