ET rez problem :(

everytime i enter ET it goes 800x600 i have to set my rezolution that i prefer then to vid restart the game, but it wont save, i also tried to put r_mode 8 (this is what i want) in my cfg but also, doesn t saves it, so everytime i enter ET i have to put r_mode 8 vid restart to get rid of that shitty rez :< can any1 help me ?
Remove Lastvalidrender from your config.
Copy it into your autoexec. Works fine for me, even though the r_mode value differs from the config value.
make sure there is no outher cfg in etpro folder cuz evrytime u join etpro server it will load ur etpro cfg
ja there s just ok i checked all , no other cfgs, set the only r_mode , but same thing :< i tried to reinstall but i just get the game integrity #2006 error :-S
update your pb, ET folder --> pb --> pbweb.exe
that should delete the integrity #20006 error
+set FS_game etpro?
maybe its an god's message, an invitation to stop playing cause u suxx XD

loock the cfg settings
that won`t happen :P i know i suck but that s not a reason to leave ET :P
i have the same problem..only thing that helps is com_recommendedSet 1
i just reinstalled and it works just like that, hope it wont make me any probs :<
theone <3
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