High lanable cod5 team looking for a good MGC

Hello guys :)
i made a post also 5 days ago in the recruitment place, not much answers so just gonna try it here since its cod Forum ^^

Well first of all we are team of 5 Netherlands cod players high skilled, playing since cod1
We all played cod2/cod4/cod5 so well we know how to play

we are just looking for a serious MGC that can help us whit stuff like lans etc etc

If u whant more info just add me on xfire :)

Xfire, Qinoa
like i know u :)
hmmh.. gl =o
Go try h2k!
h2k roflcopter;), would never wanna join mr whiner alterego and RNLD
Learn to reply. Besides that, you would never get into such a multigaming I geuss.
like i rly care what u think :)
You shouldn't. As h2k shows you otherwise :D
be nice :)
ok keep it up :)
Highskilled ?

Not :>

Gl anyway
High skilled, aight and thats why you dont have a MGC yet?
Don't listen to the poo shoopers above me. Good luck!
GL Qinoa + Realitytruth

Ben vanaaf avi voor een mixje eventueel! :>
buy me a computer that will let me be able to play cod5 with more than 1-3 fps and i will be high!
gl guys, especially to luckya hoerekind(L)
whats lineup =)
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