CC5 LAN settings

A couple of LANs ago I made a tutorial which will help you getting your LAN pc to work like at home. For those who are new at playing at LAN I suggest you check out the part on the widescreen TFT and changing your polling rate at LAN.

If you are one of those players like Belgium David who doesnt need any 'tweaking' to play pro, you still want to check out this tutorial. At some point you will have to play on a pc somebody used before you and your mouse will feel all weird.

Quoter_mode "-1"
r_customheight "900"
r_customwidth "1440"
r_displayrefresh "75"
You probably want to this so everything doesnt look distorted. Fixing the resolution will somehow change the way your fov feels so a lot of people use this:
16:10 fov changer

[center]Updated tutorial[/center]
is it so fucking hard to get 12 working crt? 4 50 euro per player thats something that i would expect
A lot of reasons but mostly because CRT's take up a lot of room. If you want to fill a bar with 50 pc's you just dont got the space to put CRT's. There's hardly enough room atm anyways.

+ try convincing an average person to pay to play on a pc with a CRT. they'll just go: 'lol crap pc's lolololol'
on how many pc do they play ET? not 50 4 sure.
your + i dont get, i do get what you are saying but what it has to do with what i said ?
i personaly think that a lot more ppl would come if could play on crt.
TFT is the 'future' anyway.
but ET is not
You think there is only one 6on6 going on at all times? There are like 3 to 4 (if not more) matches played at the same time. There simply isn't room for CRT's

For a gaming cafe it's economically way more efficient to put TFT's for several reasons:

1. Space. You can put tons more TFT's on a desk (both sides) than CRT's.
2. Power consumption. CRT's eat more power than TFT's
3. Modern games that support widescreen, which the normal customer (not the ones at the occasional lan) wants to play on if it supports it.
4. Looks more "up to date" and thus will attract ppl easier that just "walk by" the place.

And yes, I would rather play on a CRT as well but competitive gamers such as us are a very small margin of the amount of gamers on the planet. Most ppl want shiny nice TFT's and simply never tweak much of their equipment, meaning they are used to 60 to 75hz screens with about 40 to 80 fps anyway. They don't notice any difference. And a gaming cafe is running a business each day and not just the couple days a year that a lan is being held there.
was indeed thinking 1 6on6 at a time. loled about the competitive gamers part.
care to share why you lolled at it?
i dont consider myself a competitive gamer and you, lets be honest suck :).
O nice, exacly the same monitor as mine at home.
No need to change settings.
Thx anyway
you got 19 inch wide to?
u fucked up last 2 times u posted this in the past =D
It is allowed to install my razer mouse drivers and my keyboard drivers or i ll must do it from register?
Which config it will be used CB or CF?
I guess yes about the 2 drivers and they should be using the CF/Euro config.
only thing i need to do is install accelfix & USBrate + exec my config rest is just plug and play!
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