Lan dodger?

For all the CC-Teams who got backstabbed by the onliners:

I am available to help out ( ET 3on3 & 6on6, CoD 5on5 )
I can speak english/german
I am LAN proofed, means as bad on LAN as on the internet
I should arrive in Enschede on Friday around 15 CET

Just leave me a message.


Germany Felix
QuoteIm arriving on Firday around 10 am and i can play too.
Just msg me here or find me in Enschede.

United KingdomHentai
QuoteIn Enschede and waiting in the admin room in the very back. Find him over there.
really sticky is needed.
Admin abuse! :DD
- Avi to help out (ET + CoD, though I never played it)
- Can Speak English, Dutch and Germanisch
- Not LAN Proofed, wont get better then med- skill anyway
- Arrive in Enschede @ Friday, 12/13 CET

But you have work to do!
School you mean?
Sssttt. I'll spy on our enemies!
and if he fails you will get the complimentary "HURENSOHN!" thrown around!
please :D
almost three lans have passed since than, and i still have to smile when we talk about it :)
that one will remain an Enschede-classic, it's gonna be on the best-of video :D
swine got punk'd!:D
ill punch them to get a spot :o
you can play for Domi
Don't you need to come and be his fanboy????!?!?1

they couldn't arrange a cheerleader uniform for me so no :(
and if u win he will shout out:

Im arriving on Firday around 10 am and i can play too.
Just msg me here or find me in Enschede.
im installing ET just to see you play :D

gl dude
dont bother
didnt find a team to play yet :(

just stole anacondas pc to check crossfire :P
lol @sticky
who isn't coming allready?
(url) [] <----> check there, oh wait :) -------- try there ----> ... :)
See you saturday at lan!
heard mama didn't arive yet!?
swine is so bad, SRSLY... you really shouldn't pick him. Better cancel your participation before you play with him.

(just pointing out the obvious)
whats the sense making this sticky?
arriving on saturday, avi to play ET 6on6 finals...
LOL swine :DDD

gl hurensohn!
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