I plan on buying a new mousepad. What are your recommendations and experiences? I'd especially be interested in experiences with a Razer Copperhead and mousepads with a soft surface
Steelpad QcK

a nice cheap soft mousepad that doesnt get dirty very fast :p
mx518 & qpad CT (large, 4mm)
qpad lowsense works fine with *OPTICAL* mouse, im not sure about LASER
im using a Razor Copperhead together with a S&S Steelpad (hard surface) but laguNa's one looked awesome
if u play with copper head, take razer mantis speed

with normal opticals take Qpad
where can i buy that mousepad ? i use a razer copperhead but i've never seen it
razer ch + titan = <3
I know some people that use diamondback omg...yea diamondback gangsta
Thanks for all the help and comments. I guess I'll go either for the everglide titan or razer mantis speed as they are both the same (and that green stuff seems pretty ugly :-/)
Razer Mantis
T3|-| /24z3/2 |\/|4|\/t15
A Qpad. Not so expensive and high quality.. !
but i think it doesnt work with laser mousezz
razers buy a razer pad... but for others I'd buy a steelpad qck/qck+ or then a qpad..
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