FatGames at CC5 (update)

Just to share with you guys what's happening on CC5 on the CoD4 side :)

The United Kingdom FatGames team will be playing 3 matches after each other, starting at 14:00 CET.

First we'll have to play against Poland Ampol, a Polish MGC. After seeing quite an upset with United Kingdom Reason losing to another Polish MGC (Poland Tempus Moriendi) it's clear that the Polish gamers aren't to be underestimated.

After that we'll fight against VAE. The outcome of that match is kind of unpredictable since the Sweden VAE team has a new lineup.

After that we face United Kingdom Dignitas, which we hope to defeat just like on Italy Gameland.

11:30 We played our semi-final on three maps: crossfire, crash and strike. Crossfire went very well and it gave us confidence for the next map. Nevertheless we really didn't have good teamplay on crash, everyone was kind of randomly running around. Tempus Moriendi kept hitting with the nades and just rolled FatGames. On the last map the start was pretty tight but after the first half the UK side picked it up. The team already won €2,250 so the spirit can't be better!
Screenshots of the match can be found here:

8:30 We arrived at the lan centre to warm up for our semi-final against the Polish side Poland Tempus Moriendi. It's gonna be a tight game!

Sunday 04:00 Just finished watching Dignitas play a very nice game vs. Netherlands Buttonbashers. United Kingdom Raz raged on Strike. He really redeemed himself after a rather poor performance against Reason which they barely managed to win after going into a third map.

FatGames played vs. Italy Xylos' team Italy Cubesports. This shouldn't have been any problem but nothing is further away from the truth. We dominated the team on the first map, and the start of the second half was going great. The Italian side drew back to their spawn taking shotguns and so forth. FatGames got careless and started playing with shotguns and uzi's too. Somehow Cubesports managed to come back into the game winning 8 rounds in a row! The game went into overtime, but while FatGames tried to pull it together, their ego's were getting in the way which made them lose the second map. The third map was a close fight which also resulted in overtime. We managed to win in overtime on the third map, but this shouldn't have happened. Great team spirit from Xylos' team showed that the morale in the team is of great importance. The upcoming games got delayed cause of this needless long match too.

Saturday 17:00 We just played our match against Germany Komacrew and lost 8-13. They already tied against dignitas so we kind of expected a strong opponent. They now finish third in our group.
We face Cubesports in the playoffs.

18:15 Just had dinner at the game centre at the kebab/pizza restaurant with the dignitas guys. If you're at the lan and searching for something to eat it's a safe bet. Although they only have pizza's now, the salami and ham isn't bad at all. They don't speak english nor dutch though :x

16:40 We beated VAE with relative ease (13-7) which makes us look forward to tomorrow's game vs. the new lineup of Komacrew.

15:50 If you watched Quadv stream you'll probably already know that we won from dignitas with 13-7. On gameland United Kingdom Juszn was mostly bottomfragger but it seems like he certainly has more up his sleeve. Check this screenshot to see the frag counts: http://i38.tinypic.com/2mw7yih.jpg

Next up is VAE. We should be able to beat them after the performance against Dignitas which would give us a clean road to the finals against probably Buttonbashers. If we don't win then we probably come second in our group which would mean we'll have to face Buttonbashers in the semi-finals. Let's hope not!

15:11 The match vs Dignitas is about to start. You can follow it at www.quadv.com , it's being shoutcasted by United Kingdom Tosspot!

14:40 Team FatGames defeated AMPOL after a pretty close fight. The Polish side started off great with a 7-5 advantage at the half. The game turned around though after a 3 men streak of D1ablo.
Seems like the Dignitas game will be played first as it will be shoutcasted by Tosspot. Have United Kingdom nreo, United Kingdom rze, United Kingdom D1ablo, United Kingdom duffer and United Kingdom juzsn warmed up enough to face the likes of United Kingdom soclon and United Kingdom raz?

Friday 08:00 Waking up was kind of a molecular impossibility so we arrived somewhat late at the game centre for our first match. Luckily we were informed that it was delayed which actually gave us the opportunity to have a decent breakfast. We all love hotdogs so that was taken care of too.

After settling down at the house around 2 am we enjoyed the dutch green flora and realised it might be smart to get some sleep.
At around 5 am we actually followed up that decision

We arrived on Thursday evening after taking the plane to Amsterdam Schiphol and from there taking the train to Enschede. We're staying in a deserted house in the middle of a forest, just like Jeepers Creepers.

More updates to follow!
Good work guys
Krosan as manager - did fatgames payed everything for you ?
I don't know anything about COD and I don't give a shit about it, but still...isn't it more fair to report from a neutral view about the entire tournament? Not meant as offense in any way.
Ye sure, I'm biased of course, but this is just a report what team FatGames is going through. You can read all the results on the main news items.
Bias 'n opinion can be good :O)
nice post krosan

awesome to read :)

thx for the info :)
fatgames for the motherfuckin win!
cya in finals
how did u know :O
gl boy's !
always reminds me of urtier

anyways, thx for the info - nice post keran
"anyways, thx for the info - nice post keran"

Its Krosan not keran !
I wish u guys the best of luck krosan

and supply cfg still doesnt work :P
Thanks bro, but i refuse to play against you, cause you rock hard with rifle nade.
but why arent u there with the team jim ?
or you are online only too? :D ho ho ho
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