Windows Vista

Hey guys, I dont know why, but i can't make vid_restart on windows vista, I'm kicked after it.
If u can help me , thanks ! ;)
same here, also have it when i use minimizer
bug cant help it got same prob
you cant vid_restart
why would you need to vid_restart?
why would you need to use vista?
yep i know how

install xp
Ingame Vid restart on Vista gives u an [API] function error.

Make the changes in ur config, or make a second config, link it to ET somewhere and start from there.

Be it EtPro, Pub,NQ whatever.not that difficult.
Tutorials section.
-use an ET minimizer
-update pb
-pray that someone will fix it
-use the command: /vid_restart ; reconnect
It is at the moment impossible to do a /vid_restart while you are on the server without getting kicked i think. I always exec my cfg before i join a server to prevent the kicks.
vista suckz
I can vid_restart without problems @ Vista Ultimate 64.

no vista isnt that bad, just with old game like et :<. And i dont need to do vid_restart. BEST GAME STILL!
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