cod4 or 5

i heared 5 zux, but i haz already played 4 alot on console,

which one is the bestest and most populated?
most MGCs still havve cod4
the cod scene is so splitted up it doesnt matter which one you pick, either way there will be scrims most of the time so nP.

i would go for 4, tho 5 is getting better soon... ;)
5 isnt getting better.
it is. you'll see.
wait for cod6
i am playing that atm, but everyone is migrating to the other cods
im playing cod5 atm

really nice game imo....just a bit short :U
CoD4 will be where most people will be playing for the next year, in the 4 different CoD games for PC, I am pretty sure.

We just had a nice debate night, last night, on BoomTV Radio, in Danish though. There were many questions, also about which will be the most popular, and most of the panel agreed on CoD4.
CoD4 mate, don't waste your time buying CoD5.

Depends on your skill level I guess and your aims.. if your looking to play for fun then maybe 5 would be better? but the scenes pretty dead.. hardly anyone has a server and #cod4.wars is a much better competative game.
no cod>cod4/5
Cod5 is quite nice play, it's my first cod series what I play. You should give a try to cod5. It goes better with 1.2 patch, so hang in there.
just w8 COD6

COD6 = same of COD4 but better =)
cs:s>et>cod4>random games>cod5
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