Ladder Request ClanBase 3on3

I've seen this ladder request and can say.. we are seriously concidering to bring it back. atleast the 3on3 ladders & cups

How ever I need your input!

Should we ''really'' do it? (and do you want it ofcourse)
What should be changed from the old rules?
What should be the maps?

Give me some input and show that you want it !

O and yes..
I will jump in as the game supervisor again. To make sure it goes smooth....
Let RTCW die man, wait for RTCW2 in ~6months
1st: Because it's old it doesn't mean it shouldn't be supported.

2nd: Where the hell did you get the info that it will come between now and 6 months?
they announced it July 2009 afaik
they annnounced Duke Nukem Forever to be released dec 1998.
well,they just released a screenshot :DDD
FUKK it looked cool back then :<
"afaik"? where's the official post maybe :) gossips gossips gossips...
I've been hearing March
it's a fake man ! id software only talk about publishment when the game is done.

btw: hi insomnia, I'm happy to see a RtCW oldschooler like alive ! :p
idd killerb0y :)
no offense mate, but you really need to shut up sometimes! xDD
i got it already
+1 year for a decent patch and mod to fix all the fuckups
rofl rtcw2 will never come out like sc2. just blabla
It would work if u reactivate ladder for short period of time, after few weeks/months(?) it will die =x
thats what I think aswell...

.. Perhaps a cup alone?
more cups less ladders
voted "yes" sticked for a few days to assist the process gl
i guess "being close to the food plate" give you certein benifits ah HA !
its just stupid.
in rtcw side have to be allowed that was everytime so :)

i think when the mappool and some changes in the rules in the et ladders maybe it will be more active
i can play!
just run some randoms cups.

people will join the ladder in great number in the first week, but after 4 weeks it will be dead and only 5 teams will be playing there. So I would recommend you to do a one day cup once per week or smth.
Want cups / ladder !

nice idea buddy
thanks for making it sticky :)
no, change the et 3on3 mappool instead XD
gambit imo!
the main problem is that 1.0 allows everykind of lamer scripts, settings and hacks..

1.4 osp only :)
no hacks arent allowed on 1.0 obviously
lol hack is never allowed, the problem is that there's no protection and i trust nothing mousetrap tbh..someone can use some ultra lamer scripts and nothing will kick him for cvars. That's why 1.0 shouldnt be allowed in competition imho
ET ladders are dead, RTCW ladders will be deadER
I've just played a 2v2 cb :<
North Europe
Scandinavian + Baltic
As someone who has been active in some of the last cups on rtcw, i agree with the above posts that you will have quite a bit of signups. But it wont have a long life.
Cups are the way to go :p

edit: After actually noticing this is about 1.0 i dont care, since im not playing that anyway.
OneDayCups are the best chocie...
I think we should put xeoxis's new map in this RTCW ladder :O
Gimme working rtcw key and I'll vote for it
Trade mine to something equal value(15€)? =P
ill give you directdownload crack
1.0 doesnt require a cdkey, 1.4 is dead
really not :o?

but ppl say 1.0 sucks anyway or?
senseless ..
As already said a onedaycup or a onemonthcup is the only thing you can still do in RtCW
how many signatures you need
LoL, so nice, nice to see you alive Ins0mnia!!!! Make some shoutcasterz!.
im not gonna sign it if im not gonna play it.
ET > all
ET = fake RtCW
wtf, I don't remember writing ET > all : /
try make both a ladder and some cups, cb has some retarded useless dead ladders why not give a try to rtcw1.0?

1.0 community is way bigger than 1.4 and tbh crossfire is NOT the place to ask stuff about 1.0, contact 1.0 ppl on irc insomnia
could be fun >:]
i hope we got again a osp cup/ladder or whatever but that d be cool again. f1 for that!

bout 1.0 is ok for me as well since the latest leagues and cups there had been quite succesful and lasted long enough :>
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