MS-DOS/Win95/Win 98 Games

I got a game called "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" (simulation).

It's meant to be a DOS or Win 95/98 game.

I really would like to play it again, but it doesn't work on Windows XP.

Is there any emulator or something, that gives the possibility to play such old games on XP?
14 <-- OpenTTD site :P

"OpenTTD is an Open Source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe" (c) <-- nice TTD/OTTD/Locomotion forums
yeah, this is what i use too :)

Even played an openTTD mix a while ago with tsu and plu
thank you very much!!!!!!!

i just love this game <3
Ski Jumps ;DD
Deluxe ski jump <3
<3 right , yeah :DDD
Get VirtualPC (free) and install Windows 95 on it. You should be able to get Windows 95 from Doubt there will be any torrent seeders.

Found a torrent 22.5 MB:
right click on icon ->> advanced ->>> run as window ( you choose)
great game, have got it on my nokia e90 too <333
google motherfucker...
OpenTTD rules.
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