MGC's supportin' cod5

is there even any? need one with good support to highskilled and lanable team, gief websites and channels !1
dead game alrdy ! :P dont think any good mgcs will support it.
you never know, wanted to give it a try neverthless
good luck anyway
thanks. seems like you quited the game allready :p?
the only thing we was aiming for was i36 so no motivation now :(
oh yeah i heard about that.. too bad, the game had potential indeed. got plans now? :D
cod4 all the way :PP
and yeh it did have potential
you're such a naysayer dazy :P
Ilmatyynyalukseni on täynnä ankeriaita
toribash owner i tried a breakdance kinda move but didnt quite hit his head as hard as i wanted 2
k stay on xfire around 16.00 and I'll show u a few pwning moves!
i dunno yet, thinking of working today
the question is: is cod5 dead or not?
easy to be high in a game which no one else plays :) ?
why is cod5 dead again? Oo

cod4 more activ?

i have no clue about cod scene thats why i ask , i only played cod2 which was nice ^^
cod2 is still the best game in the Call of Duty series and it'll probably remain the best CoD game for a long time ^^
Its getting played more and more again
go to #cod4.wars and #cod5.wars ,check the difference :P
The only thing i like is the rabies dogs on public mod, totaly epic. better than left for dead!
cod 5 is even more dead as qw
cod 5 is even more dead as qw
Oh come on, most of you guys already had an anti CoD5 opinion just because it's from the same creators as the 3rd edition and not the creators of the other editions.

If you ask me they've found solution to get rid of the over and over again missions in at the France coast. Japan is totally new, but it still WW2 and not 'modern warfare'.
which game you play now? xC going for cod6? :)
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