laggy cod4

since some time, i got fuckin annoying lags in Cod4

i dunno why, nothin changed in my setup or HW or stuff...

unable 2 update my PB atm (pb server down or whatever)

lagometer shows:image: picture

Its mostly like this, fps drops are new too (maybe some fan or somethin else with the heat)

Anyone got this probs and/or fixxed it?

Maybe any helpful ideas ?

e/ my CPU is quite hot... can it cause LAGS? :o

thx so long
open task manager check if there is anything taking up CPU usage. last time i was playing ET and suddenly something went wrong...

I had FireFox taking 17% CPU usage...
nothin but the game needs cpu usage :(
I noticed this on COD5 the last couple of days nearly the same as your picture. Saying that I've had problems from the start with COD5.

Any joy fixing it let us know.
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