Crossfire Challange on Xbox 360?

Will Crossfire introduce any challenges onto Call of Duty 4 for Xbox 360. There is a huge community in console gaming with more than many teams on Xbox 360, if organizations like Crossfire could implement there tournaments onto console it could be hugely beneficial.

Right now many PC teams are picking up successful 360 teams, if Crossfire held tournaments like this it would really increase the communication between 360 and PC gamers...
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Have you ever experienced it? Just as skillful as PC if not harder...
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actually, this is a great comparision
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count me in !
got it @ ps2 :)
got it @ xbox 360 :)
isn't it a better idea to take some console-only game? I would agree if that is for making the consoles look more... multiplayer-friendly (I mean... in the other way, not '4 people in the same room with a console playing FIFA/PES', don't know how to explain that atm :P), but not just because many people play console's version of some game which is really popular on PCs and both versions are the same or very similar

anyway, I'm sure about one thing - it's a really good idea to take some console game for a tournament
lol at console games... will always stay "console"

The word "console" is like so play with friends on splitscreen or singleplayer.
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some question, maybe stupid:
are you using normal ventrilo/ts while playing? so running console and pc on the same time? or is there any similiar tool for modern consoles?
Theres in-game VOIP.
buying the Xbox, headset for voice communication connect to the controller and you can talk with rest.
oh no pls! gtfo with xbox and his HUGE RAM
nice idea. wish i had xbox360 too :''((((((((((
streetfighter 4, first and only reason to buy an xbox360
FPS games are for PCs
Consoles are for Sports games (PES, NHL..) or Racing games (NeedForSpeed, Gran Turismo..)
PC is for serious gaming.

Console is for social gatherings so you can smack your buddies around on Tekken whereas in real life you normally couldn't
Well Racing games are mainly played with consoles you can't argue about that, and they get paid for it too if they're good enough :P
But I agree that serious gaming is for PCs, imagine Quake on Playstation or how hard Warcraft would be with those controllers :P
cod4 on xbox is like when u play cod4 the computerversionb on publicserver...
iam highskilled @ playing cod4 with steering wheel
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