cod4/5 team

'skilled', good comms, stable & active

pmme on irc #WGA - jamzor

would be better to search :P
good luck, nice player
gl pub pwner!
good that i didn't trade on your cod5 key :D
Arent you cb-banned?

05:05 -!- WGA-off|jamzore []
05:05 -!- ircname : #WGA - The World Gaming Alliance
05:05 -!- channels : #mpukcod4.pickup #cod4.wars @#cold-will @#anti.cod5 #cmstorm @#syntyneet +#VAKo! @#psykedeeli +#clanserver4u @#increased
@#cod5 @#:{D @#WGA
05:05 -!- server : * [QuakeNet IRC Server]
05:05 -!- account : dacerr
05:05 -!- idle : 0 days 0 hours 31 mins 50 secs [signon: Mon Dec 29 23:45:50 2008]
05:05 -!- End of WHOIS
is the cod5 scene somehow activ? pubscene seems to be dead already!
yeah competitive scene is active =) dunno about pub ^^
just played a bit promod on pub and one server which empties after half an hour of playing is dead imho :DD
ok so pub is in a coma, cod pubs suck anyway =D

and dont play promod, its old and crappy. Community warmod is hot!
authnick, wow sherlock :> cba to even explain anything, go do some more researching to make urself look moar nerd, slarto :)
No skill involved.
Nonono :D
Haha :P no clue when the patch comes =(
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