the site says it all, no point in me copy pasting what it says here
CoD2 :)
there is no option "dont play cod"
always the option of not voting
It's really going to be good for that poll, that it is posted here on CF :P
cod + future?
how can a game has a future when there is a new sequel every year?
edit: thats exactley the point of the site lol
there is no future in cod if there is a new game of cod every year ^^

completely agreed with Garg!
just because there's a new one doesnt mean people will play it, look at cod5...its awful >_>
yea but its making ppl seperated if there was only 1 cod all would be playing it and the game would be pwnage but if u make the new version of it every year it becomes a shit :(

See ET there is still Lan-tourneys EC's NC's and the game is still trying to survive after soo many years but Cod5 is already dead :D
CoD5 = same as ETQW :D
yeh fail game ^^
Call of Duty 4 was a big hit on consoles, but failed @ PC
CoD2 :D
all those proxy pussies with their cod2 lol...
cod2 , if they traded keys.
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