convicts needs you!

im starting a team for must be 100% going..skilled..prac two times a week and most of all not a whining quiting little ****..only realistic applications me on irc nick `sesn1 or idle in #convicts..:)
hahahahahah such a fitting name, been gangraped lately? =D
I'm available.
you will take all the room with your lowsens :<
Check this out,
One two three.
In the place to be,
As it is playing to see.
He is dj run and i am dmc,
Funky fresh from 1983.
Dj jam master J.
And we are the grush groovin,
The body moovin.
The record makin,
And the record breaking.
And it goes a little something like this..
would be avi but i guess not skilled enough :<
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