elvz & gnome cc6

Both looking for a cc6 team.

England elvz = Medic/SMG eng

England gnome= Multiclass (including rifle if needed)

Both med skill. Please no low ;/

Some details about us;

- English speaking ofc
- Both Age 17
- able to cover all costs for cc6 if needed.
-Irl mates
-Played together for about 3 years now.
-Good laugh :)))

Contact either of us at #team-dean or pm.

gl lads
dno ... i heard first week in april, now its said to be 1st-3rd of May
Gl guys :>
<3 (L)
gl gnome :D
"Both med skill. Please no low ;/"
Well, playing with low or med wont really change your ranking at cc6 tbh.
but gl.
What a gay comment. Who said anything about winning, its like they say "its the taking part that counts". Go away jap
Well, if its just about taking part, why do you say "no low" ?
To stop me rage quitting? but yea as i said "go away jap"
good luck :XD
gnome? no more WoW for you
pls more randoms for cc6
please more retards
Crossfire LANs are also about fun , not serious business only .
1-2-3 may
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