elvz & gnome cc6.

Both looking for a cc6 team.

England elvz = Medic/SMG eng

England gnome= Multiclass (including rifle if needed)

Both med skill. Please no low ;/

Some details about us;

- English speaking ofc
- Both Age 17
- able to cover all costs for cc6 if needed.
-Irl mates
-Played together for about 3 years now.
-Good laugh :)))

Contact either of us at #team-dean or pm.

GL guys <3 (L)
I hear your apearing in Remenis's frag movie, Gratz on that C(:
gl gl elvzeh ;D
gl finding your low- cc6 team :)
your the man..
elvz is always on high :<
GL mateys

image: 2a9zhtt
looool biggest retard ever
Tried to hold on to the sides but was leaning too far forward :_D
gl gnomeish!
gl my english citizens
gl elvz!
this pretty baby is slightly wounded
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