mIRC scripting

I'm trying to create an alias which allows me to just enter /igno or something in any query which will put that person on a 5h ignore and closes the query window.
What i got so far is:

igno {
/ignore -pniu1800 $foo
/close -m $foo

Obviously $foo isn't the right var to access the guys nick, also tried $nick and $active which both don't work, so what var do i have to put there?
And it would also be nice to have a check if its actually a query window that im typing the command in and skip any further action if its any other type of window.

Who can help me out?

someone wants to ignore me :<


it should be $nick

works atleast for this:

on *:open:?:*:{
if (($nick !ison #future.cod4) && ($nick !ison #clanbase.crew) && ($nick !ison #clanbase.crew.cod)) {
msg $nick Gief me cookie or i wont reply!
hi skooli's best friend xD
[22:52:23] : Query with : NV`Gero/: geroke@arni.name opened on : Saturday, January 24th 2009, 22:52:23.
[22:52:23] : Common channels: : +#gtv.prv +#gamestv.org
* /ignore: insufficient parameters (line 11, aliases.nns)
now you never will be able to ignore me, muhahaha :D
* Added NV`Gero!*@* to ignore list for 1800 secs
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igno {
if ($window($active).type == query) {
.ignore -pniu1800 $active
.close -m $active

should work, tested it myself so
i officialy love you
QuoteBefore anyone starts flaming me: I got this information from ESReality.com, credits go out to Link

Some people just don't understand mIRC, like me. But I found this script and it's very useful.

Open mIRC and press ALT+R. Then add the following code in either a new file or an existing one:

alias et {
set %server $1
set %password $2
if ($len(%password) > 0) { run -p %et_exe +connect %server +password %password }
else { run -p %et_exe +connect %server }
unset %password

Then close that window and type /set %et_exe <your path to ET.exe>
Example:/set %et_exe D:\ET_Pack_v1.1\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\ET.exe +set fs_gamedir D:\ET_Pack_v1.1\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\ +set fs_game etpro

After that you can just type /et <ip> <password> to connect to a server. (Password is optional)

best script!
why do you unset the password but not the server?
I don't even know how to get someone un-ignored
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