*Finished* RtCW 1day-Cup

Still need a few more sign-ups to get the cup running!


You dont need a CDKEY to participate any longer!

RtCW 1.4 pack -> http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=tutorial&mode=item&id=93

Just download the pack, gather a team and play!

Cup finished, thanks to everyone who played, ggs and congrats 118

image: cup_gold 118
image: cup_silver fixed
image: cup_bronze lev
need team!
where is the tosspot ycn cup !?
i might need some mercs for this cup. pmme at #liquids

you better be skilled and known ;)
What happened to that super tosspot cup?
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#rtcw-cup ::: RtCW-Cup III Currently in planning stages ::: Late February/Early March 2009 Start
wanna merc for this cup?
need team
3v3 demos?
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