Community Warmod 1.28

After raf1 decided to stop working on cod 5 promod, i decided to finish his work with the help of a few top teams, I might not be a good coder like he was even if i am following courses at school to work in the video game industry, but i have already worked on game project for nintendo DS

i am speaking all day with some top cod 5 players and with the community to build a better mod for this game.

For the moment the mod is used in some competitions such as the cb hosted cup and was used in the esport4 all cup. Clanbase will introduce it soon in the ladders as we have won the poll.

If you have somes questions, you can pm me or contact me in #warmod@quakenet


Quote by Public ServerC.Warmod 1.28 x #CoD5.Community x &

Quote by Public Server 2C1.Warmod 1.28 :: Public SD :: Powered by

Quote by Full Changelog
- forced lodscalerigid at 1
- forced r_sizecull at 0
- disabled bomb during ready-up
- added Arisaka/springfield
- Added Arisaka scoped / Mosin nagant scoped
- Renamed to " Community Warmod "
- Decreased strattime to 7
- Fixed mr12 bug
- compress ff file
- Disabled throwbackgrenade
- Deleted camouflage on rifle/sniper class
- Balanced Shotguns (Same shotgun on both side)
- All sniper/rifle got the same sway
- Deleted shotgun/sniper drop
- Added possibility to Drop bomb with quickmessage menu (bind G openscriptmenu quickpromod 1)
- Added better sound for plant/defuse (COD1 sound)
- Increased bomb sound Distance
- Disabled kill during ready-up
- Added 2v2/1v1 rules with shotgun/sniper disabled ( promod_mode 1v1_10)
- Added knockout rules ( promod_mode knockout_12)
- Added Player left
- Modified the stock dvarenfocer script
- Disabled third person
- Added Last GV script
- Added kills during ready-up whitout score update :)
- Modified Player Left icon
- Allowed name change after join a server ( /name )
- Added Timeout Menu (bind G openscriptmenu quickpromod 2)
- Fixed Weapon's bug during the halftime
- Deleted TeamKill Reflect
- Removed hit detection through walls
- Fixed timeout
- Added sv_fps 30
- Disabled the Dark fog during ready-up
- Disabled weapon's during strattime
- Fixed lags when join spectator
- Fixed the spectator bug ( can't spectate after ready-up)
- Cleaned the code & deleted old files

- Fixed lags
- Fixed script error
- Fixed log's bug
- Added beta rifle mod (only sniper and rifle)
- Disabled suicide during strattime

Quote by Commands
/rcon promod_mode private_10 ( or private_12 and more...)
/rcon promod_mode 2v2_10
/rcon promod_mode knockout_12
/rcon promod_mode public_10
/rcon promod_mode rifle_10

Quote by Credits
- Raf1 and worm for their works
- My team mates ( kaiser, PREDTRz, DARK, Boula_haha, _emiatej)
- Spachala and the australian community
- Epsilon Gaming
- Team alfterlife
- RNG community
- England4eva
- bgoo for the website
- All cod5 players and lp5 team

Note: to avoid any confusion, this is not the same as commod.
Newspost imo.
Newspost imo.
cod5 is dead zZzZzZz
sad but true!
Newspost imo.
Newspost imo.
shit game is shit
nice work :-)
Game cannot be saved sorry but gl
Cod5.... bahahahahhah
CoD 5 = ETQW like.
Even deader than ETQW
idd h8m3 @ fail
when u play cod, then play cod4 ...
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