mYrmidons after break

Hello guys, well after break we are trying to rebuilding the team, but this time not so serious.
We supose to participate in etmasters, and in some incoming CUP's

well lineup atm

Portugal setup
Portugal QkR
Portugal mno
Portugal ag0n

We are looking for 2/3 players for the team, not so active, we play 2/3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Sunday)

about you

- a bit motivated
- no whiner
- able to speak english/portuguese
- no cheating history
- pref high (not mean we are, just looking for)

You can contact us @
ahah nice flag :D
Now i'm able to join your team !
gL setup e o resto! :P
gl setup & ag0n :)
they forgot to mention no whiners imo. :(
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Nigga what?
good luck guys :)
Goodluck setup asume people !!
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