Looking for skilled trial tonight

Heyo looking for a skilled trial tonight, we're not so active (we just play mondays, wed, and sundays) but we gonna play et masters, and we're nice boys!


Portugal setup
Portugal ag0n
Portugal mno
Portugal QkR
Netherlands saKen

pm #myr.et
GL except Saken, fucking retard whiner
he is not whiner.
too much demands, maybe you can find a trial which is not skilled or a skilled guy which is not trial " :D"
you have saken, ur not nice tho.
gl guys
saken ! :D
gl guys :) <3
rumors say frk187 is preparing for a comeback :)
mua ha ha ha :<
I wish you the best of luck ;)
you dont need 6th player coz you got ag0n :D
who wanna play with Kurdishtanppl
good luck :>
setupji :') gl
gl setup
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