The Best ET Movie of 2006 Award

Vote here for the Best Enemy Territory Movie of 2006
Another Tiger Behind The Trigger imo!!!
only a few titles ... sucks
i bet there will be a big survey here @ crossfire at the end of the year
best player,cheater,movie and all kind of stuff
Ganon Souvenirs is the best
decimated for sure :) violentday2 was a nice movie also.
Ganon Souvenirs > all

who cares fucking editing :)
so fucking tr00
Intelligent life!!111oneone
kris movie 1?
wnr komt jou movie?
na eurocup en nationscup
schiet op met je hax movie
Decimated ofc !
eh, who made this poll? welcome to ET aint a movie and it isnt '06.
intelligent life

L o l l l l l ed
mine! it will be out at 31dec 11:59PM
The only movie which has any editing is Decimated, whats the point of the poll?
we were talking about editing.

it has decent config, good quality and good frags, it doesnt have editing which includes editing itself and soundsync.

nevertheless, its a decent movie imo.
VaL movie 2!!!
Coming soon!
XyLoS movie has very entertaining frags, on the other hand, Lagging
Revolution is the most fun to watch.
Parodia fragmoive
welcome to et = 2005*
plz, welcome to ET is like 1 minute long and not finished :<
and very old, summer of 2005 to be exact
1.jackers show 2
2.another tigger behind the trigger

waaaaaaa i'm 999.999 visitor -.- omg i win ze pr1zeee3
1.erm wtf :p
2.schleimor schleifor
ich find das teil ma erfrischend als immer nur der selbe mok !
it depends.. frags or effects? or both? both = decimated...
welcome to ET is the best from those, though it's 2005
1..another tigger behind the trigger
2..another tigger behind the trigger
3..another tigger behind the trigger!!!
red green blue is missing pls
Anyways year 2006 isn't yet over. There is still movies that might come out in this year.. atleast i heard so! Movies like Winghaven 2nd movie and Zaigon.
another tigger behind the trigger
mAx ch 2 xD
another tigger behind the trigger is great, but
souvenirs' got even better frags :O
Add RGB.. easily the best.
tht was quality.
best movie: decimated ? it is the 141 movei right ?

best frags: xylos !
hard to decide because every movie has more than just a few flaws
ok decimated is a good movie but a way too long and frags are not cool, music sucks etcetc. Ganon's suvenirs is the best of 2006
Q k r the movie imo !
intelligent life imo
XyLoS Fragmovie
RGB > all
2 easy for intelligent life
one of the useless'est (omg word) poll i ever read...

EDIT: since when is Welcome to ET a movie?

gj ...
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