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k, Why the fuck does my ET insist on loading 3 times when i join a server , and then twice when map changes .Then by the time i get into game im kicked for pb innit failiure! plzzzz help...
Google = "Punkbuster enemy territory" Download the newest update into ur punkbuster folder.

Uptade again after that in your punkbuster folder!

GL hf
some cvars are wrong.
I didnt have time to explain in detail :D
put in config:
/pb_security 0
/pb_system 0

may help with you're init failure.. anmd that map loading, config or cvars cant help you with that mate
check backup CVARS if there enabled, just get rid of w/e they say ur getting kicked for. worked 4me.
Scroll console up and check for restricted cvars, change them to "legal" value and be happy.
maybe u have 2 or many more cfgs in your ETpro..
that was a problam @ my computer with 2 times loading maps.
if u have, u have to delete them..
only 1 cfg must stay in ETpro..

/pb_security 0

thx all
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