frame drops

When I play rtcw for instance, every few minutes my fps goes crazy, flickering about. it's like playing while an antivirus scan something is running a scan in the background. I check my processes and nothing is going on, nothing extra running. My gpu temp is normal, nothing out of the ordinary seems to be going on. It isn't pnkbstr.exe which I thought it might be. But when I'm on a server with a small map and few players, it doesn't happen or it only happens infrequently. Any ideas?
it is punkbuster. The last update did this to me too :< :<
pb ftw! :D
try going to processes/rightclick on et process/priority/real-time
i can't move my crosshair if i do that :\
lol its working for me
i know it sounds retarded, but for some reason it helped playing with fraps running in the background et though
r_mode 1
cuttyP has solved many fps related issues, pm him and see if he can help you out.
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