crush3r needs team - cc6 avi

I'm searching for a stable 6on6 team

about me:

- med+/high
- played OC premier
- playing since 2003
- got brain and teamplay
- my preferred class is medic, but I can also play eng smg & cov if needed
- reliable and skilled
- I speak fluent german & decent english
- LAN proofed
- cc6 avi

about you:

- stable lineup
- be mature and active
- be med+ at least

contact: #uglybannercup or send me a PM
hihihihihihihihihihihihi :)
med+/high ? gl anyway
highbot high :P
med+ high plz:D

going for EC ftw
med+ high :_D:DDD
low+ max thx
lol reading that from you makes me smile :))
gl , nice guy

next week rematch in esl!
med+/high :D:D
I heard rumours that was looking for a 6th HIGH
Cmon, everyone cant be med+
- med+/high
gl again :P
gl Brecher
Who o0?
best skillfake ever!
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