clanless again :<

my name is adrian 'rakji' kristiansson and im playing online since q2
im from germany (48ms &125fps)
im searchin an active clan (stable lineup only)
skill: med+
im able to speak decent german and english
im actually playing medic or leutnant, but everything is possible :)

contact: icq 505-253
irc: #craZy

view my profile to see history n stuff

not med+
dont say something if u dont know how im playing
i checked the lineups for all the clans in your profile and ive never heard of one of the clans or even one of the other players so im sure you can match the likes of morrigu, cdap oddjob, o2 etc who are med+
How does Germany have any relation to 125 fps?

xfire skill or your real skill?

ofc gl
that should be my "real skill"
gl rak <3
skilled and nice guy
Is that you in the profile?
clan his ?
kenn dich net obwohl du med+&deutscher bist :/
lol @ your clan his

yea verry skilled 0_o

more fake pls
play against me and youll see that im underrated :)
von GaB gab es vor 1-2 jahren mal was inner deutschen scene glaub =)
Aber kenne dich ebenfalls nicht , aber gl
*ATCHOOOO* oh im sry im sry im allergic to wnbs :(:(:(
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