socks cless! COD4

Hey I am searching a Call of Duty4 team!

About me

~Name: Dennis"socks"L.
~Age: 17
~From: Germany germany
~Language: Germany/United Kingdom
~Avi: 19-22 cet 3-4 times a week
~Skill: around med/-
-Call of Duty 2

æ progressive-esports]

Sweden socks
Austria jan
Russia hummel
Germany atrox
Germany soux
Germany grobblin

-Call of Duty 4
only mix :D


~Activ Team
~No Kiddis
~Language: Germany/United Kingdom
~Train!: 3-4 times a week
~Skill: like me
~Have gameserver/voiceserver


pm me or pm me :D
gl xiiter
käsefüße !

gl :>
what do you offer?
the med- skill that means that you can wait for the enemy to show up and then kill? no big deal with such powerfull weapons... 90% of cod4-players judge themselfs med- (and as players are the community that defines med-) and the 10% left actually got some to good skills.
So there are only med- & skilled? What about the lowbies? DON'T LEAVE US OUT!
well the difference between low and med- is that med- camps more and therefor thinks its better while not realising that nobody wants to wait 2mins each round in a scrim.
pmme when we gonna play again :P
meatking is home from army on weekends. then we deff. play cod4.
gonna come to ts this evening
will prolly be out drinkin. but we'll see. he comes home on friday around noon and we usually play until late night. saturday noon-games. sunday noon-games.
gl my man :D
gl spast.
gl spast.
gl socken!
gl mymusicbob
I send you pm
gl stinkesocke
gl socke <3 :D

gl med+ XD
lol gl lol
et busted np!!!!!!!
socks fits with shoes.
gl kniestrumpf
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