need multigaming

Europe Team - Bastards is looking for a multigaming clan to join. We left overload-gaming lately, and we are currently looking for a multigaming clan to join.

We are participating in ClanBase OpenCup (3rd League, Group G :x) and WarLeagues (Bravo I, passed the group stage, made it to the playoffs with 6/0/0).

Our current roster:

Poland Hybrid
Belgium Worm
Belgium taLa(masca)
Germany kholic
Czech Republic Rip
Finland Quiki
Estonia EmeRica

Thanks for you attention. You can contact me here @ PM, or just leave me a message on IRC @ over-Hybrid^ on #overload

Even if you are not a member of any multigaming, and you know a multigaming clan that needs and ET division - feel free to pm me!

Some random flags: Suriname Germany Anonymous


sorry for the mess with the flags, its fixed now.
gL n aLL.
gl worm & emer :), why did u left overload
hemmm, not really a nice thing to talk about ;) It was just about the management :)
gl Hybrid :)
gl worm & tala =]
gl worm/kholic
tnx guys <3
gl klein wormpje van me!
gl wormpie en talamasca!
gl kholic
gl bodemkruipert
gl kurwa :P
<3 u all
gl talpari !
sfx or cdap are searching et squads!

:D gl kholic!!
<3 wormje :>
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