Megui bug


since iam working on vista, and Megui has TO many bugs its impossible for me to encode an movie otherways?

or are there some things to fix the problems with that?

fix the whole vista, get xp
do it with vdub
i talk about encoding not rendering
Windows movie maker afaik but it sucks :D
This is often due to the new UAC (User Account Control) system in Vista. There are two solutions:
Disable UAC. The disadvantage of this is obvious - no more UAC.
Set MeGUI to run as an administrator in the shortcut/.exe compatibility properties. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to authenticate MeGUI each time you start it up.
i know Bl1nd its not working

this is what it says if i make a script

The file C:\xxxxx\xxxx\xxxxx\movie making\test2.avs could not be opened
error message for your refference: AVIsource: couldnt locate a decompressor for fourcc dvsd
(C:\xxxxx\xxxx\xxxxx\movie making\test2.avs line 1)

maybe that would help?
that's when you dont have the right codec i guess
lol, this isnt a bug.. megui works on Vista
I guess you fail in test2.avs script

And which codec you used in the avi that you want encode with megui?
do a barrel roll
Install klite codec pack :)
use script and it runs perfect... this tools are for newbz anyway... everything u want to set up can be written down in a simple avs script
I use staxrip, it's easier than megui and working on vista
thnx DrTank i use it now and it works great :)
well there is one thing i cant get it 1280 x 720 , and it gives an anoying beep =/
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