Scoper wanted!

We need a med+ Germany scope for our Cod4 team


- Germany 3FjD|CoD4.r4le (Aku)
- Germany 3FjD|CoD4.NorMan (Aku)
- Germany 3FjD|CoD4.Shakesbier (Ak-47)
- Germany 3FjD|CoD4.biNo (Aku)
- Germany 3FjD|CoD4.You (scope)

Pmme @ xfire or here if you want to be a part of us
me!!! ...oh wait

gl <3 bnoo
scope D: ask IsraelsCope
he is german

or ask cuttyP i heard he is searching for an med+/high- team, also a nice scope'er i heard :)

we already got a clan just need a med+ or high scope or just a ak/u player
pm cuttyP :)
what the fuck is wrong with that cuttyP guy the last few days?
his name is written like 1000 times a day
cuttyP > all he will hold the world soon!
similar to "DJ P-CUTTA"
CoD filter doesn't work :S
gl bino
but there is only 2 ak-74u spot @ promod 4.22 :<
its the same for scope
Gl bNoo :)
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