Toryu searching for a team

Been a while since i played 1.4

Previous clans:
uds (yellow and red i believe)

Can play Monday to Thursday

Spent last two years on rtcwdemo
whut the fuck, rtcw =D
whoooooooo RTCW
rtcw \o/
pm sipperi, hes looking for u :o
last day he said 'wheres toryu i miss him:('
i guess rtcw wasn't the same without me
don't think you where in :p

gl though
shut up toryu!
maybe it woul more effective, when all the players who are looking for a team would do a new team for the cup :)
wasn't that my idea? :p
so make a team then and take the cless players to your team ^^
if i find enough player i might do that
why ppl not going to play in et2.60b :o?
ignore the comment before me
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