demoViewer RTCW mod

For a few weeks after hannes released the source code for his uvMovieMod, I added a few of my own features to the mod, as well as copying some over from the wolfcam rtcw mod.

download demoViewer

demoViewer additions

- Demo scanning for all frag sprees of a minimum length or more;

demo_minSpreeCount <count>

- PlayAll function from the demos menu can be used with the ScanDemo to scan a demos folder.

- A cvar to change the r_drawWorld cvar to give a blue screen effect, whilst removing some other unnecessary entities.

demo_blueScreen <1/0>

image: shot0003

- Draw the ammo and health status at the bottom of the screen whilst in cg_draw2d 0 mode.

demo_drawStatus <1/0>

from wolfcam (thanks to brugal / WolfenCrap)

- Wallhack effect, allies are blue and axis are red

demo_wallhack <1/0>

from uvMovieMod (thanks to hannes)



I have a number more planned changes including, sorting out subfolder scanning, ettv / etpro style names above heads and a /capture command to auto record screenshots for specific demos.
nice nice, let's see what people will do with this :)
good job :o
I may have misread it or missed it but can we see my frags from someone else's demo without the bug ?
you can use wolfcam rtcw for seeing other povs in a demo, but it will always require you to be near the persons whos demo it is. I havent added this to my mod yet.
that's what I called "the bug" ;-p
Quoteit will always require you to be near the persons whos demo it is
Great job mate, like i told you. Hope someone keeps doing rtcw movies.

<3 crumbs
really nice crmbs, but tell me how could u open wolf and load up demos using java?
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