More CC6Randomness

Well CC6 is incoming and Netherlands me and Belgium AnaLconda wanted to rebuild team randoms. But well Netherlands Eddo (25 acc at lan :P) wants a higher skillat team and Netherlands 7ele only wanted to go with us if we got Eddo. France Stormy and Germany beN are prolly not attending due personal reasons. Thanks to Eddo the rebuild of TR failed! :(

So now we want to make a new mix team to attend to CC6.

About us:
- 100% sure about going to CC6
- Ana is the funny guy at vent
- TriFlip is the shy guy at vent
- Both lan proof!
- I got server we can use for pracc

About you:
- Nice guy/girl (girls prefered!)
- Prefer dutch speaking, not a must though
- 100% sure about going to CC6
- Be able to pay for yourself

Players will be selected on who they are, not on their skill. If we don't get 4 people we love we will not go.

Netherlands Frenky (Manager)

Belgium Anaconda
Netherlands TriFlip
Anonymous tba
Anonymous tba
Anonymous tba
Anonymous tba

contact us at #cc6mix or contact Netherlands Frenky our manager
gl gl <3
we needs teamname :(
Team random ? :o)
I already supossed Team More Random :D
TMR{ triflip
gl anaconda
whats so funny about it? xD
btw.. your arent doing the admin job again on cc6 ?
apparantly not
shit.. need an other admin that i can ask everytime :XD
ok, now thats lol xD
gl anyway :P
no ben on cc6? :(
as far as I know not, atleast not with us. He said that he will be inactive the period before CC6 and if he goes he'll wanted to go with a better team.
wohl nicht )=
bin maerz und april arbeiten , hätte kaum zeit zu praccen. wenn dann mit rockit das ist aber eher unwahrscheinlich.wahrscheinlicher ist wohl das ich samstag oder sonntag mal vorbei schaue.
Argument two is quiet a nice action
ik kan wel komen en met bakstenen gooien
doe maar niet, dan ben je veelste stoer
Nice guys i had a lot of fun with them @ cc5.
i can pay for my self but i guess I#m not that what you want :p
why not? Team Randoms CC5 was a total mix, we also had a german in it ;)

just try it, we might need you since it seems like not that many people are intrested :(
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