The >m< needs a OC team!

Me, image: de mUnduS, needs a team for OC. In generall im not caring on the league in any way, but a mature team would be nice!

About me:

~ speaking image: de & image: uk
~ Medic (Engineer)
~ around med (perhaps im hitting a bit sometimes)
~ available in likes of Sunday - Thursday 20:00h till openend

About you:

~ mature - not whining
~ active
~ participating OC (other cups)
~ having vent/ts/mumble

However some team is interessted, please contact me here on or message me in #mundus
umm once again: d'it ?!
If d'it really would become active, no discussion needed. But what about matti, nawor, mlo or other?

Honey only joey, you and me are active in the way we would need it. :x Unfortunatly its like this i think. :_(
well yea, but why don't u take the 3 of us then to form a new team?!
yes. but let's not discuss about that here, but in irc, when ur back
viel Glück !
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