Mistaken is searching

I need a team for any upcoming leagues/seasons, looking to make a return to ET. I'm probably worse now than I ever was, but anyways here it goes

- from United States of America but ping/time is np4me
- skill was around med, god knows what it is now
- can play rifle or smg, doesn't really matter to me
- past teams are True Dest, Aktrona, and Eu Gaming

Contact- pm me here or find me in #quadv on irc
he's kinda cool. sometimes talks too much on vent.

gl though bud
All americans think that everyone talks to much on vent.. but for us we dont talk enough! :P
Please shoutcast for NC/EC!
I plan on it, I had some personal issues come up but got all of that out of the way.
Nice to know. Gl
You better shoutcast some matches !
Mistaken, gl mate.

Good comms, much bra bra bra, and even more headshots. Pick him up! :)
Never actually played for eug but gl :D
How are you going to tell me that bil? ask helix, I got put in as a starter then I stopped playing for a week or 2, I have a few matches played on gtv if you really want to be a wise ass about it...
You played for like a week max then he got a new rifle, don't get upset :D. Besides, eug isn't a good reference, I don't know why you use it in every post you make ;/.
stfu baddie
Don't get mad at me cos you ego quit during a game with Williams :D
Ego quit? he kicked me off server and banned me off vent you idiot. how is that ego quit. i got mad at him cause he is rly bad and was talkin 24/7 about everything.

nice try though, but you fuckin fail
Ok chill out buddy it's not like I care or anything.
same here, its not like i care about you fag, thats why i swear towards you.
Does swearing on the internet make you feel cool? Ok Gl with your life, loser.
thx for the GL
You got kicked and baned for been a little girl. I never hurd a guy complain so much that his ears are hurting due to players having a laff and talking about random crap on vent! you ws kicked for been a retard on game and egoing coz you couldnt take it and no1 talks bad to me so got ya girl arse baned.... and yeah eu not good ref bilgrim was in it!!! :P <3

Teams need to shout out, and at start of game you was playing retarded and all we all kept hearing was aww you hurting my ears. Even your own players from your contry told you to stfu before i baned you.
will you were telling a story for a medic that was coming up stairs. and i couldn't hear anything. when you weren't talking it was fine but you would talk non-stop thats all. just im simply not used to someone who talks way to much in a fun scrim
what point in been on a vent if your not going to talk? and escialy in a fun scrim m8! whats point in play with freinds lol
gl andrew
gl andrew :)

next month i get my results i guess :P
gl man :)
gl good player
Good player but has a habit of narrating comms in third person from all the shoutcasting! :P
go play rugby or so :p
I actually had rugby prac last night, with snow on the ground too, it was awesome!
sounds cold :p
Nice shoutcaster ;p GL
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